RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Radiation Detector KIT

RadEye-SPRD-in-HandArrive at the scene with a compact tool set for quick, efficient, and accurate radiation detection, nuclide identification and data management. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Radiation Detector KIT bundles a Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD Spectroscopic Radiation Detector with a compact belt holster, easy to use hardware and software tools for PC-based data review and transfer, and a Lutetium Test Adapter for quick and reliable performance verification all in a compact, robust transportation case ideal for first responders and emergency response teams.

Product Sheet

Product Description

The RadEye SPRD KIT comprises:

1 ea. RadEye SPRD, an economic and easy to use Gamma radiation detector. 

1 ea. Lutetium Test Adapter: Quick performance verification and gain fine optimization via the Gamma radiation signal from the contained natural Lutetiumoxide isotope (36g, < 50 nCi). Due to their natural origin and low specific activity, the patented Lutetium Test Adapter is not considered a radioactive material in respect to many national regulations. The adapter’s shape fits perfectly with the RadEye device, enabling easy positioning of the adapter in respect to the RadEye SPRD’s Gamma reference point, ensuring error free readings. The adapter can also be used for Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD devices.

1 ea. Belt holster: The solid metal clip of the rugged holster fixes the RadEye SPRD at the belt of the user for quick, easy, one-handed insertion and removal. The RadEye SPRD is compact (4.3 x 2.6 x 2.0 in; 11 x 7.5 x 5 cm) and light weight (8.5 oz; 240 g) to avoid interference with user activities.

1 ea. PC connection set: Reliable connection to a PC is easily achieved with the desktop holder and connected Infrared (IR) to USB cable. Most devices in the RadEye family of radiation meters can be connected to a PC with this set as well.

1 ea. Software RadEye.exe: Making full use of all RadEye features is easily done with the convenient configuration of the RadEye SPRD as well as other RadEye devices with RadEye.exe software. Individual configuration setups can be stored and reloaded on multiple devices of the same type. Device configuration can be password protected.

1 ea. Software RadEyeSpectra: Managing spectroscopic measurement data from the RadEye SPRD is supported by download, review and transfer via RadEye Spectra. This software helps to visually review spectra through spectrum display including zoom functions as well as data export in N42.42 or csv file format for analysis in alternative programs.

1 ea. Transportation case: The robust plastic case is waterproof and dustproof and offers strong resistance against chemicals, an ideal case for the demanding protection requirements of special forces or first responders. Dimensions: approx. 11 x 10 x 5 in (28 x 25 x 13 cm), weight 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg).


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