RadEye™ NBR High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor

First responders must quickly identify radioactive material and discriminate between natural and artificial gamma radiation during active search missions. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ NBR (Natural Background Rejection) High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor discriminates between natural and artifical gamma radiation in seconds. The RadEye NBR detector identifies very small contributions of artificial gamma radiation despite large variations of the natural background during the search. Clear audible and visual alarms indicate radiation instantly even for shielded or remote gamma sources.


Product Description

The RadEye NBR monitor is a combination of the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SX multi-purpose meter and the Thermo Scientific™ FHZ 674 NBR detector. The RadEye SX monitor is a modern and compact multipurpose survey meter that fits to most any external scintillation detector.

  • The possible presence of artificial radiation is indicated on a 0 to 200 %-scaled bar graph (100% = NBR alarm set point).
  • The audible indication for positive detection of artificial radiation is well distinguished from the typically much more frequent gross gamma alarms that are caused by changing background conditions.
  • Alarm on small traces of artificial gamma radiation.
  • Ideal for detection of shielded sources.
  • Weighs approx. 3 kg.
  • One-hand operation.

Operational Areas:

First responders / Fire brigades

Security professionals

Environmental monitoring


Technical specification of the Thermo Scientific RadEye SX

  • Measured quantities (with FHZ 674 NBR): Count rate (cps, cpm), dose rate (Sv/h, rem/h), NBR
  • Probe cables:  RG 58, max. 1.5m (59″) – MHV connector
  • High voltage range: 300 to 1400 V with output impedance 2 MΩ, typically 600 V for FHZ 674 NBR
  • Alarm threshold: Two alarm thresholds for count rate, dose and dose rate each, NBR
  • Audible alarm intensity: 80dB at a distance of 30cm (11.8°)
  • Working temperature: -20° to + 50°C (-4° to 122°F)
  • Scaler/Timer: Preset count, preset time
  • EMC: Disturbance emission: EN 61000-6-3, Immunity: EN 61000-6-2
  • Size: 110  x 67 x 62mm (4.3 x 2.6 x 2.4 in.), with rubber protection, without cable
  • Weight: Around 160g (5.6 oz.) including 2 ea. AAA cells and protection sleeve
  • Internal memory: The last 1600 measured values are saved and can be read out via PC program. Max and mean value of count rate and dose rate. The time interval is factory preset to 120 s by default. Scaler measurements and momentaneous readings can be stored manually. Logbook with 250 entries for changes of configuration, occurring alarms and errors
  • Battery life time: Typically 150 h with FHZ 674 NBR

Technical specification of the Thermo Scientific FHZ 674

  • Detection Sensitivity: approx. 4000 cps per µSv/h at 662keV, highly sensitive from 15keV (front), respectively 30keV (side)
  • Energy response (H*(10)): Exceeds IEC 62533* requirements (±- 30% for Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60)
  • Dose rate range (Cs-137): 0.01 µSv/h to 100 µSv/h
  • Weight: 2800 g excluding shoulder strap (200g) and RadEye SX (160g)
  • Dimensions: 308 x 230 x 110mm

*IEC 62533 Highly sensitive hand-held instruments for photon detection of radioactive material.

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