RadEye™ GF/GF-10 Personal Radiation Detectors

First responders to nuclear and radiological emergencies need to quickly and continuously monitor their exposure to any level of ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination. Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ GF/GF-10 Personal Radiation Detectors are light-weight, rugged instruments designed for fast, reliable high range of measurement of gamma radiation in harsh environments. These instruments feature an intelligent ratemeter algorithm (ADF mode) that detects even the smallest changes in dose rate, while at the same time suppressing random fluctuations.

Product Description

RadEye GF/GF-10 Personal Radiation Detectors feature a high-quality counter tube in conjunction with the nonmetal instrument housing that allows detection and reliable measurements down to very low gamma energies - a crucial feature in respect to accidents involving medical isotopes or Am-241 (a component of smoke detectors).

  • Menu driven interface – no manuals needed.
  • Large, clear, backlit display for error free readings.
  • Easily accessible instrument functions even while wearing protective gloves. 
  • Built-in vibrator alarm and earphone connector for operation in noisy environment.
  • Alarm-LED visible while the instrument is worn in a belt-holster.
  • Durable - shock resistant design.
  • 2 x AAA batteries provide 900 hours of operation life.
  • Low weight – only 160g.

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