RadEye™ G Ex series Personal Radiation Detectors

Intrinsically safe radiation detectors are the best way to protect hazmat teams investigating industrial environments that contain explosive gases or combustable dusts and fibers. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ G Ex Series Personal Radiation Detectors are designed according to the latest international standards (e.g. ATEX) and certified "intrinsically safe," meaning they cannot release enough thermal or electrical energy to ignite flammable materials. Emergency response personnel rely on RadEye G Ex Detectors for safety and accurate dose rate measurements of gamma radiation in potentially explosive environments.

Product Sheet

Product Description

The RadEye G Ex Series of Personal Radiation Detectors comprises four versions of intrinsically safe handheld devices for gamma and dose rate measurements for operation in and around hazardous areas.

  • Efficient and reliable dose and dose rate measurements.
  • Intrinsically safe according to ATEX standards.
  • Large, clear and backlit display for error free readings.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Lightweight, only 160g (5.6 oz.).
  • Low power technology.
Recommended for:
  • Emergency services
  • Fire brigades
  • Hazmat teams
  • Locations with risk of explosion
  • Refineries
  • Oil platforms

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