RadEye™ Area Monitor

Extend the application range to convenient and cost-effective gamma and neutron area monitoring with the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ Area Monitor. The enclosure adapts several different types of Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ instruments for area monitoring applications.


Product Description

In the event that a preset threshold is exceeded, the system sets off an audible/optical alarm and the RadEye can be immediately used as a portable instrument. The green light of the external indicator turns on once the RadEye is reinstalled in the box for use as area monitor.

  • Area monitor and flexible handheld instrument in one
  • No need for additional handheld instrument for locating the source
  • Operational in case of power failure due to rechargeable batteries and built-in battery charger
  • Simultaneous gamma and neutron monitoring with two area monitors

Ordering Alerts:

The wall-mounted area monitor can be complemented with an external alarm unit with horn and beacon signalling and can be remotely acknowledged. The alarm unit can be placed up to a distance of 10m (other lengths upon request) from the area monitor via cable.


Transparent door with enclosure, car adapter, AC/DC adapter with 2m cable and connector, red light on enclosure, RS 232 interface 9 pin D-SUB connector (watertight), connector for optional external alarm unit.

Recommended for:

Gamma dose rate measurement (RadEye G), Highly sensitive alarm indication for radioactive gamma sources (RadEye PRD), Detection of neutron sources (RadEye N)

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