RadEye™ AB100 Alpha-Beta Contamination Monitor

Daily monitoring for radiation exposure is standard regulatory procedure in hospitals, nuclear facilities, military and civil defense outfits and other industries that work with sources of radiation. Safeguard your employees and ensure a secure work environment with the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ AB100 Alpha-Beta Contamination Monitor. The RadEye AB100 monitor detects alpha/beta surface contamination in a range of environments using versatile operation modes so employees never risk exceeding exposure limits.

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Product Description

The RadEye AB100 Alpha-Beta Contamination Monitor provides surface contamination measurements with excellent alpha/beta discrimination to meet the radiation exposure standards and regulations in rugged industrial environments.

  • Light Weight (900g), excellent grip with or without gloves
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Low cost of ownership with > 1,000 hour operation time using 2 C batteries – rechargeable NiMH-cells can be used
  • Menu-driven user interface resulting in low training cost and immediate familiarity
  • Proper calibration factor can be selected within a list of isotopes (e.g. Bq, Bq/cm², dpm)
  • Huge internal data memory for both scaler type and continuous data recording
  • Bright backlit LCD display – plain text messages - different languages can be selected
  • Easy adaptation to different tasks by supervisor configuration, calibration, selection of measuring units
  • Versatile operation modes:
    - Scaler / Timer with preset count and preset time for sample measurements
    - Continuous ratemeter mode for frisker operation
    - Alpha, Beta and Alpha + Beta modes
    - Gross or net counting
  • Audible indication: single pulse for alpha, chirper mode for beta - proportional to count rate
  • Earphone output for operation in a loud environment
  • One hot and four advanced buttons - easy to use, no PC required

Operational Areas:

  • Civil defense
  • Fire brigades
  • Hospitals
  • Nuclear industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

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