Micro Rem/Sievert Tissue-Equivalent Survey Meters

Thermo Scientific™ Micro Rem/Sievert Tissue-Equivalent Survey Meter is ideal in applications where accurate dose rate measurements of low radiation levels are required.

Absorbed dose rate directly read so no conversion from mR/h (or mSv/h) is required.


Product Sheet

Product Description

These instruments' rem response and accuracy set them apart from conventional “micro R” meters that use NaI(Tl) detectors. NaI(Tl) detectors overrespond to low energies and produce erroneously high readings. Rugged construction and quality components make the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert durable. Easy to service.

  • Linear response to all energies
  • Tissue equivalent scintillator provides nearly flat energy response
  • Gamma and X-ray detection from tissue equivalent photon response
  • Optional audio counts and alarms
  • Extended detector option
  • Expanded low-energy response option
  • Exclusive high-voltage battery check ensures proper operating conditions; two 9-volt batteries are all that's required for power

The expanded low energy response option extends the instrument's low energy cutoff to 17 keV (vs. 40 keV) for the standard instruments. The extended detector option mounts the internal detector so that its sensitive area extends out from the front of the instrument case bottom. This makes it easier to survey certain hard-to-reach locations.

Recommended for:

    • Routine low/medium level gamma dose rate surveys
    • Confirming radiation boundaries

Monitoring items for unrestricted release

  • X-ray surveys, using the expanded low energy range option

Also suitable in such applications as: Power Reactors, X-ray Device Monitoring, Uranium Processing / Mine Cleanup Operations, Environmental Measurement Companies, Consultants, Geophysical Companies, Laboratories, and Accelerators. 

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