HP-380AB Alpha-Beta Scintillation Hand Probes

Thermo Scientific™ HP-380AB Alpha-Beta Scintillation Hand Probes have a lightweight and rugged design for general purpose survey and frisking. Provides excellent sensitivity to α and Β with minimum interference from Γ backgrounds.

Product Description

This detector is also available as a “Smart” probe which includes a memory device to store all calibration and functional parameters for smart instruments like the Model E-600.

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • With a ZnS(Ag) detector for alpha and plastic scintillator detector for beta
  • Utilizes a dual phosphor element with excellent discrimination capability between α and Β
  • A fine mesh, stainless-steel screen protects the detector face to guard against punctures
  • 100cm2 active detector area
  • Ergonomic design
  • Model HP-380A: α detection
  • Model HP-380B: Β detection
  • Model HP-380AB: α and Β detection

Compatible with:

Thermo Scientific's portable survey meters, such as the ASP-2, E-600, or RM-25

Price: 0,00 SEK

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