HP-210/HP-360 Series Pancake Geiger-Mueller Detectors

Workplace safety in facilities that use radiation depends on frequent surveys to detect spills and prevent the spread of contamination in and beyond the lab. Thermo Scientific™ HP-210/HP-360 Series Pancake Geiger-Mueller Detectors are designed for daily contamination surveys on personnel, table tops, floors, equipment and any surfaces that could be exposed to radioactive material. Featuring a thin mica window protected by a stainless steel screen, HP-210/HP-360 meters permit sensitive detection of beta-emitting surface contamination that meets the environmental health and safety requirements of your lab.


 Product Description

HP-210/HP-360 Series Pancake Geiger-Mueller Detectors handheld probes provide sensitive alpha and beta detection featuring a “Pancake” Geiger-Mueller tube with a thin mica window.

General features of both probes:

  • Open mica window protected by an etched stainless steel screen.
  • High beta sensitivity; permits useful beta sensitivities down to 40keV and is alpha sensitive above 3MeV.

Features of the HP-210 Series Pancake Geiger-Mueller Detectors 

  • With optional sample holder "SH4A."
  • The two versions offer both integrated shielding against radiation:
  • HP-210T, with a high density tungsten shield, permits relatively low level beta monitoring in a gamma background; HP-210AL for low-level beta monitoring in a low background area; aluminum housing may be used.

Features of the HP-360 Geiger-Mueller Pancake Probe

  • Capable of seeing low energy photons down to approximately 10keV.
  • Economic product design with ergonomic enclosure constructed from rugged ABS plastic.

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