High Sensitivity Gamma Food Monitor

Routine inspections for radiation in food are performed most economically and user friendly with the Thermo Scientific™ High Sensitivity Gamma Food Monitor. It is a portable Marinelli system for routine food measurement.



Product Sheet

Product Description

The portable Highly Sensitive Laboratory Kit supports the laboratory and also field measurement program for contamination resulting from a nuclear accident.

  • Simple handling
  • High throughput
  • Cost effective
  • Results in typically less than one minute
  • 1L sample volume Marinelli system
  • Highly gamma sensitive NaI(TI), 2 × 2in. crystal detector
  • Portable robust system in a transport case
  • RadEye SX meter for multipurpose use
  • Battery power supply supports field operation
  • Data logger for 1000 sample measurements

The Thermo Scientific SPA-3 scintillation probe uses a 2 × 2in. NaI(TI) crystal detector for most efficient gamma radiation measurement. The Thermo Scientific RadEye SX mulimeter provides energy windows for two energy regions of interest (ROI) for efficient and user friendly operation. The aluminium base plate shields bremsstrahlung from beta radiation in the ground. The sturdy tripod is easily assembled or stowed in the transport case.

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