Harshaw TLD™ 90Sr Internal Irradiators

Dosimeter calibration is easy to control with the Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD 90Sr Internal Irradiator. The TLD 90Sr Internal Irradiator can be used to calibrate the Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD 6600 and 8800 Automated Reader Instruments through a totally automated process to significantly reduce time and labor costs. The instrument can be calibrated by the user to a NIST™-calibrated source and only one calibration is required for individual element calibration factors, far exceeding batch calibration accuracy.

Product Description

  • All irradiations are performed under the control of the Reader's firmware; the associated Thermo Scientific™ WinREMS™ Software and PC are not required for this operation.
  • Firmware automatically compensates for normal source decay, eliminating the need for frequent calibrations.
  • Irradiations may be defined by exposure or time.
  • Approximate strength: 0.5mCi nominal exposure rate: 10mR/s.
  • No need for an expensive and large 137Cs source.
  • Dosimeter stability allows extended intervals of several years between recalibration.

Compatible with: 

Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw 6600PLUS Model TLD Reader

Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw 8800PLUS Model TLD Reader

Price: 0,00 SEK

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