Gross Gamma Food Monitor

Thermo Scientific™ Gross Gamma Food Monitor with its NaI(TI) detector provides highly sensitive gamma measurement in a simple to use format. It is a portable solution for food monitoring application.


Product Sheet

Product Description

Fast and reliable detection of radioactivity in food is achieved by the combination of a high performance handheld Gamma Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and the portable Gamma Laboratory Kit.

  • Portable, robust system in a transport case
  • Minimal investment required
  • Simple step by step operator's guide included
  • Radeye PRD-S also to be used as a sensitive handheld gamma detector
  • Battery power supply supports field operation
  • Data logger for 1000 sample measurements
  • PC interface via Infrared or optional Bluetooth
  • Add-on-scaler mode for regular RadEye PRD available (firmware upgrade)

The sample holder of the Gamma Laboratory Kit contains 4 shielding modules that provide 4 pi shielding. Two sample containers, each holding 90mL, are placed in a sandwich configuration around the RadEye PRD-S for optimized response. The optional Thermo Scientific 9g Lutetium Test Adapter provides the capability to perform QA checks on system operation.

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