FHT 1376 Mobile Gamma Radiation Detection System

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 1376 Mobile Gamma Radiation Detection System is a portable tool for effectively addressing the problems of orphaned sources, radiological contamination, and maliciously introduced sources.

GPS-supported mobile system detects gamma radiation with extreme high sensitivity.


Product Description

Developed for the rapid detection and location of gamma emitting radioactive sources in large areas. Components (with the exception of the antenna) are contained in a rugged carrying case and can be transported in any conventional vehicle.

  • Ultra-high sensitivity with 5L plastic scintillator
  • NBR (Natural Background Rejection) for fast detection of artificial sources
  • An increase of 5nSv/h can be detected at full speed
  • Records surveying and search jobs, including GPS data
  • High resolution with one record per second to allow high speed surveys
  • Simultaneous measurement of dose rate with FH 40G and alarm unit with freely adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Comprehensive PC software for data analysis and presentation as xt-diagram or color coded track on a map
  • High sensitivity neutron scanning can be included

ADF mode (Advanced Digital Filter) for fast response

ADF is an intelligent ratemeter function with a self adjusting time constant. It provides automatic adaption to the velocity of a moving source or detector and to the variable intensity of radiation. Optimum measuring mode for any velocities up to 30km/h (with 25 l detector).

  • Extremely low detection limits even in the case of variable background radiation (artificial radioactivity of approx. 10nSv/h will be detected with 25 l detectors)
  • Fast reaction even in the case of small sources
  • Simultaneous dynamic and static measuring mode; optimized for both stationary and moving sources

Recommended for:

First-responders, homeland security, police, civil defense, military, emergency response

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