FH 40 Lab-1 Mobile Radiation Laboratory

Reduce the loss of time in cases of emergency for detecting radioactive contamination using Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 Lab-1 Mobile Laboratory. It offers rapid response to radiological emergencies, providing on-site measurement and analysis of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It serves as an effective supplement to the multipurpose radiameter FH40G for first responder task forces. Already in service with the German civil defense authorities, the FH 40 Lab-1 is able to respond rapidly to radiological emergencies.

Product Sheet

Product Description

The system is comprised of the FH 40 G radiameter with an integrated proportional counter tube and a FHZ 672-2 NBR scintillation probe. While driving, the high-sensitive scintillation probe recognizes even a minimum of artificial gamma radiation in the measurement range of nSv/h, in a wide area. The measured track of radioactivity is automatically shown on a digital map supported by GPS.

  • Offers a high degree of mobility; also offers advantages in the reproducible sample geometry and comparability of measurements
  • The multipurpose radiameter FH 40 G itself is able to determine the actual gamma dose rate
  • Results can be stored in the internal memory of the survey meter
  • With a measuring time of only five minutes, the detection limit is approximately 500Bq/kg for Cs-137
  • Allows monitoring of limit values according to WHO intervention guidelines (e.g., fruits 7,000 Bq/kg; milk 4,500 Bq/kg; drinking water 7,000 Bq/kg)
  • Utilized the patented NBR (Natural Background Rejection) technology to reduce false alarms

Recommended for:

Applications in immediate in-situ measurements of alpha and beta contaminations:

  • Filters and filter systems
  • Smear tests
  • Soil samples
  • Foodstuffs, milk
  • Water

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