FH 40 D Void Space Analyzer

Enjoy the ease of use in a lightweight portable monitor— Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 D Void Space Analyzer. It is used for detecting contraband hidden in void spaces of vehicles using the gamma backscattering effect. Used by customs inspectors, police, and other security and anti-terrorists task forces.


Product Sheet

Product Description

Can detect organic compounds containing a high amount of light elements like hydrogen, carbon and other elements with low atomic mass that backscatter; or detect nuclear materials with the neutron detector.

  • High sensitivity with fast response
  • One- or two-hand operation
  • Low-power technology
  • Easy-to-use trend indicator
  • Internal data memory
  • Serial interface

Probe features:

  • Ba-133 source is enclosed in 10mm lead collimator (approximately 300g)
  • The holder with the collimator is mounted on the top of the Gamma Probe FHZ 512
  • The collimator can be tilted from 0 to 90° for measurement
  • The closed position is 180°

Ordering Alerts:

Options include: telescopes for the detector for extension of the physical range, neutron detectors for detection of fissile nuclear material, and alpha-beta contamination probes.


Includes: FH 40 G-L advanced survey meter, FHZ 512 highly sensitive scintillation detector for gamma radiation, and an adapter with 200 kBq Ba-133 source for investigation of objects.

Recommended for:

Lightweight, rugged instrument can be applied to the following tasks:

  • Quick analysis of void spaces: detection of hidden contraband material such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes using the gamma backscattering effect
  • Detection of illicit transports of nuclear material: gamma emitting sources are detected by the sensitive and rugged scintillation probe
  • Precise, simultaneous measurement of local gamma dose and dose rate

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