Electra and Selectra Survey Meters

Rugged and reliable, the Thermo Scientific™ Electra and Selectra Survey Meter is a digital, microprocessor-based ratemeter compatible with most GM and scintillation survey probes. It can be calibrated with an external probe for direct readout of dose rate or count rate, in a range of units.


Product Description

The Electra range of products consists of the Electra, plus three variations (Selectra, Plus and GM) which can be specified in any combination, from the base Electra model up to the flagship SelectraGMPlus.

Electra Model:

  • Easy-to-read display and long battery life
  • Readings are displayed both numerically and on a bar graph, which autoranges across seven decades
  • Intelligent software discriminates between true rate changes and insignificant fluctuations
  • Digitally controlled HV and preset parameters provide outstanding consistency between instruments: the setup does not drift and instruments with identical setups are directly interchangeable
  • The Electra is sturdy, well balanced, comfortable over long periods of use and operable when wearing double protective gloves
  • It is built in a metal extrusion with tough, replaceable, plastic end caps and is powered by long life dry cells or rechargeable batteries
  • Internal configuration switches let a supervisor choose which parameters are available to users
  • Backlight, audible alarm and two levels of signal threshold

Selectra Models:

  • Selectra models feature automatic probe setup when used with our “I” style probes
  • These probes contain chips which store operating parameters, and connect to the meter via a 7-way Fischer connector (the Electra models having PET or MHV)
  • Selectra benefits include tamperproof setup, simpler probe exchange, and less equipment to carry around

GM Models:

  • Have a lightweight, compact, front extension, housing an energy-compensated GM Probe whose position is shown by two white crosses
  • Contact dose rate measurements can be taken without disconnecting the external probe
  • Memory includes an exact setup for the internal probe and adjustable setup for the external probe
  • Single key-press switches from one probe to the other
  • “G” is displayed on screen when the internal GM probe is active
  • GM models are designed for ease of decontamination, with simple replacement of heavily contaminated parts
  • Gamma Range: 0.1 to 20,000μSv/h
  • Intrinsic error: +10% (IEC60846 requirement, 15%)
  • Energy response: -15% to +30%, 60keV to 1.25MeV relative to 662keV 137Cs. Overreads slightly above 1.25MeV
  • Response times: 1 s sampling with 10 s rolling average forrates > 2 cps. Less than 2 s to respond to >2.6 sigma changes. (IEC60846 requirement, <10 s)
  • Warm up: 20 s, including completion of self-checks
  • Overload: Overload alarm and > Full Scale
  • Deflection maintained for 20mSv/h to 2000mSv/h. Complete recovery after only 30 s.
  • Pulsed radiation: Not designed for pulsed radiation fields
  • Coefficient of variation: Well within IEC 60846 above 2.5μSv/h
  • Alarms: One for dose rate, presettable to any on range value. Settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Temperature: -10 to +40°C (14 to 114°F), within +6%
  • Temperature shock: Has no greater effect than slow changes
  • Humidity: No significant change, up to 95%, RH at 35°C

Plus Models:

  • Up to 500 detailed results can be stored onboard in nonvolatile memory, from all measuring modes
  • Result data includes rate, integrate time, date stamp, operating mode, stored background and unique location identities, and results can be reviewed on the instrument
  • Location identity is a breeze with the built-in iButton™ reader, or optional barcode reader, with alphanumeric location names of up to 16 characters stored with each reading
  • Supplied PlusLink software handles communication between the Plus models and external PCs, running under Windows™
  • Datalog download is easily achieved, for further analysis with common applications such as Microsoft Access or Excel
  • Plus model setup and automatic plateau plotting are also provided in PlusLink, along with other useful facilities
  • Preset precision: 0.1% to 20% in 0.1% steps (at 2 sigma confidence level)
  • Sampler mode: Up to 500 cycles comprising Integrate, followed by Pause
  • Peak hold mode: Display is updated only if latest value exceeds all previous since selecting mode
  • Additional connectors: RS-232 serial link: 5-way DIN iButton receptor
  • Data Log: Up to 500 unique locations, up to 500 total readings

Ordering Information:

Optional accessories include external probes, iButtons, barcode reader, reference sources, probe holders, belt holsters, cables, batteries and chargers.

Compatible with:

Compatible with most GM and scintillation survey probes. 

Price: 0,00 SEK

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